Welcome to Calvary Presbyterian Church!

Calvary worships together as a community of believers in our Lord Jesus Christ.

We encourage and guide worshipers toward faithful obedience to God's word in all areas of or life, as set forth in God's Holy Scripture.

We welcome and accept anyone seeking peace, love, forgiveness, and salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Calvary is looking to the future even as it values its past, excited about the changes the Spirit will bring to Calvary.  Its members are a group of people who truly care about Jesus, the Church, and each other, and are always happy to welcome new members and friends into what is affectionately called “the Calvary family.”

You are welcome to become part of Calvary’s continuing story!

Calvary Presbyterian Church was organized by the Presbytery of Giddings-Lovejoy in 1957, with about 75 members as part of the original group. 

Lewis Fellowship Hall - a fellowship and education building - was dedicated in 1985, and continues to be used for fellowship, education, and church and community meetings.

Crosses are a constant fixture in Christian churches; and this is certainly true at Calvary. 

A Celtic cross sits at the front of the sanctuary on the communion table, and reminds us of our roots in the Scottish church.  A pair of crosses is visible at the front and back of the sanctuary. The wooden cross, suspended near the ceiling, at the front was crafted by a member to remind us of the reformed heritage of the Presbyterian Church USA.  A lighted metal cross at the back of the sanctuary is the last symbol seen before the congregation leaves to go out into the world.

Perhaps most appropriately for a church named Calvary, there are three large white crosses on our front lawn, and are a reminder to all of the resurrected Christ.  These are lit at night for all to see.

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Last Revised: 10.01.14